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François Ferrari holds a Doctorate in environmental law (La Sorbonne - Paris).


The Cabinet is therefore empowered to offer specific services in the field of renewable energies. CLICK HERE


With an experience recognized by important private actors of the photovoltaic sector and by local communities, it is possible for us to implement a complete service in all projects related to renewable energies and more particularly in photovoltaic matter.


Whether it is a one-off investment in a building over which you have real estate control or an investment program in property belonging to others, we support you in all phases of the operation by writing lease contracts, the statutes of the operating company but also the documents of the financing file or by advising you on the guarantees to subscribe to secure your activity.


Obviously, our activity can also be on litigation to release you from a contract which binds you to an entity unable of carrying out the promised photovoltaic power plant, or to assist you in any claims specific to this activity.



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