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Our renewable energy services cover photovoltaics as well as hydraulics, wind power and methanation.


ACTAH offers a unique service in France due to its technical skills combined with the necessary legal skills.


From the end of the 2000s, it was noted that the service to be provided to our customers could not be limited strictly to legal competence. A permanent technical training action has been initiated in order to offer our customers a technical understanding of their problems.

This saves considerable time in the presentation of cases.


By specific professional trainings and a wide practice of judicial expertise, ACTAH offers its clients to be able to understand the material issue of any case for photovoltaïc, hydraulic, methanation or wind turbine electricity production.

There is no loss of time for the client to make it understandable by his lawyer. This allows also to talk the same language than insurance and judicial experts and to explain the case with more efficiency to the judge if it goes to the Court.

In terms of renewable energies, ACTAH thus offers a wide range of services.


* Audit missions :  ACTAH commits its signature by carrying out pre-sale audits of power plants.


* Project support :

           - support in land management : legal analysis of the site and drafting of specific lease contracts.

           - urban planning support : local regulation analysis, drafting of the building permit manual,

             building permit litigation.

          - support for relations with the grid operator.


* Support during the operating phase :

          - production analysis and contractual compliance,

          - support for the resolution of operational defects, amicably or judicially.

          - support in case of building faults (leaks, structural problems, ...) amicably or judicially.

          - support in solving problems with purchase prices.

          - initiation and assistance of amicable and judicial expertise.

          - analysis of the possibility of repowering operation (in particular, calculation of the return on investment               period) and support in procedures with the national operator.


* Support for the implementation of smart grids :

         - consultation on the material hypothesis submitted,

         - drafting of contracts,

         - creation and monitoring of operating structures.


* In order to carry out all these highly specialized missions, ACTAH relies on the synergy of skills which characterizes it in the closed environment of firms specialized in energy law which are rarely able to simultaneously offer solutions in real estate and business law.


* Cabinet ACTAH is the only law firm in France use a drone equipped with a high-definition camera in order to save precious time during amicable or judicial expert opinions.




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